$uicideboy$ Deliver New Album "Stop Staring At The Shadows"

The $uicideboy$ are back in town with their brand new album Stop Staring At The Shadows, a twelve-track endeavor as twisted as its ominous title might suggest. Despite running a dozen songs deep, Shadows plays out in a relatively brief fashion — the entire nightmarish ride plays out in a little under a half-hour. There remains plenty of unpack from the New Orleans duo, who continue to put on for that Southern horrorcore wave popularized by the likes of Three Six Mafia in the early nineties. 

That’s not to say it’s an entirely spooky affair. Songs like “I Wanna Be Romanticized” find Ruby and $crim exploring their capacity to pen ballads, while “Bizarro” plays out like a digital drug-trip gone awry. At their best, as they are on the unapologetically titled “Putrid Pride” and the hilariously titled “[whisperes indistinctly], the Boy$ deftly walk the tightrope between nostalgic and innovative. Should you call yourself a fan of their lovely and demented vision, do yourself a favor and Stop Staring At The Shadows. 

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