Yung Gravy & bbno$ Collide Once More For "Baby Gravy 2"


Unlike most artists that blow up solely off the power of TikTok, Yung Gravy and bbno$ actually have potential to move beyond that realm, crafting hilarious bangers that are as musical as they are humorous. Yung Gravy’s Sensational was one of the more interesting projects to have been released last year and, whenever the Minnesota rapper connects with Vancouver artist bbno$, magic is made. We saw it happen with the first iteration of Baby Gravy and now, they’re back for the sequel. 

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Including their previously released bops “shining on my ex” and “Off The Goop,” the duo brings on Cuco and a few others to complete the second version of this series. Each song sounds ready for a social media blow-up, so long as a tuned-in zoomer creates a viral dance challenge to them.

Listen to the new project below and let us know which song is your favorite from it.


1. Bandsville
2. Justin Bieber Wrist
3. Go Bananas (feat. Spark Master Tape)
4. Off The Goop (feat. Cuco)
5. Gasoline, Pt. 2 (feat. Spark Master Tape)
6. Welcome To Chilis
7. Cadbury Creme (feat. TrippyThaKid)
8. iunno
9. Myrtle Beach Summer 1974
10. shining on my ex

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